Washington Examiner Requires Employees to Get the Vaccine

The Washington Examiner is going to require all employees to get controversial COVID-19 vaccinations.

According to the Daily Caller, leadership at the Examiner sent a memo to all employees on Sunday announcing that they will need to get the jab.

The memo said that they are “implementing a mandatory COVID-19 vaccination policy” that will go into effect Monday, and that “all employees must send their proof of vaccination to the Examiner’s Human Resources department by Aug. 9.”

“If an employee is receiving the Moderna or Pfizer vaccine, which both require two doses, that employee must send proof that the second dose has been administered within 35 days of the first dose,” the Caller reports.

Those who are not fully vaccinated must wear a mask at all times in the newsroom, their work stations, and other public areas. The Caller report says that they will also not be allowed to use the kitchen or be present in conference rooms or training rooms.

“Until an employee has been fully vaccinated … they will be subject to the requirements above and will be required to submit a negative COVID-19 test every 7 days,” the memo continued. They claim that they will not be firing people who do not get it, but that they will need to follow the extra protocols.

The outlet claims that the response to the requirement has been largely positive.


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