Vax-entration Camps? Australian Government Builds “Mandatory Quarantine Facilities”, Officials Say Jab Is “Golden Ticket to Freedom”

Part of Australia’s Mandatory Covid Quarantine Center’s Master Plan Blueprints 

In late 2019, before the China-virus was known to the world, very few – if any – people could have even imagined that a civilized western nation would be building facilities that government thugs would be forcing citizens into against their will.

Well, a year-and-a-half later, that’s exactly where we are.

It didn’t take long in 1938 Germany, either.

The Government of Australia will be building what they call a “mandatory quarantine accommodation” which is set to open its first phase in “early 2022.” This will be the second of such facilities in the country and when it is finished it will be able to hold up to 3,000 in isolation as they quarantine.

As if it was straight out of Orwell’s 1984, the camp will be named ‘The Center for National Resilience’ and government health officials are calling the experimental jab the golden “ticket to freedom.”

Back to reality – Police Officers who are accompanied by the military have already been coming to people’s homes and taking them away as they conduct random “welfare checks” and follow-up tips about rule-breakers who have been ratted out by their fellow citizens.

Sound familiar?

This video shows the Covid Gestapo in action:

As of now, they are mostly being taken to hotels, but some will go to the already functioning and smaller Vax-entration camp in the northern part of the country.

Police have even resorted to just flat-out assaulting non-maskers, even if they are children.

It’s gotten to this point after a year and a half, where will it be in a year from now?

Australians were sent letters in the mail that detailed the plans of the Government’s new “important project.” It also informs them about an upcoming “community information session” where citizens can join and listen to corrupt health officials tell them why they “need the center.”

In a project summary posted to Australia’s “quarantine hub” website, it details their expectations for restrictions to continue for as long as 3 years and that the mandatory facilities would “improve compliance” and “change attitudes” among other things.

“With COVID-19 quarantine requirements expected to continue in some form at least over the next two to three years, the Victorian Government has further committed to investigating alternative models of mandatory quarantine, including purpose-built Alternative Quarantine Accommodation outside of Melbourne’s Central Business District

The options are assessed, amongst other factors, on their ability to deliver the following benefits

..More tailored response options for the Government that are commensurate to risk levels and help improve compliance.”

The full project summary can be found here.

If you think there’s no way this will come to America, think again.

The CDC has already published an approach that discusses building these types of covid-internment camps, using terms like “green zone” and “shielding approach” as euphemisms to make it more palatable. 

It’s only a matter of time until they try something like this here.





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