University Of Tennessee Chattanooga Student Dragged Out Of Class For Not Wearing Mask (VIDEO)

A University of Tennessee Chattanooga student was dragged out of class for not wearing a mask.

This comes as schools across the country are imposing draconian mask and vaccine mandates in most universities in the United States.

Candidate for Congress in Tennessee, Robby Starbuck, tweeted out this video and demanded that the Republican Governor Bill Lee expand his recent executive order, allowing students to opt-out of mask requirements at school, to be applied at universities as well.

Tennessee has been a hotbed of students and parents alike who have been standing up to these blatant violations of the rights of students.

Just weeks ago there were massive protests outside of the Williamson County School Board meeting, where the school board continues to push masking young children. However, there is no science to back up the efficacy of masking children when it comes to the spread of COVID-19.

Clay Travis called this the “Mom-led revolution” during an interview with Tucker Carlson in regards to the event.

“I’m telling you, Tucker, we’re gonna win. I can see it. It’s going to grow and spread and become even bigger than it already is. The anti-mask, the anti-CRT. It may well be the new Tea Party.”

So Kudos to this student for standing up for what he believes in even though it meant being dragged out of class.

Moments like those give others the courage to do the right thing and stand up to these liberal fascists.


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