U.S. Women’s Soccer Team Gets Shredded Online After Loss To Canada In Semifinal Match

The U.S Women’s National Team (USWNT) lost to Canada in the semifinal match of the Tokyo Olympics on Monday, eliminating the US team from hope for a gold or silver medal and sparking a flood of internet ridicule.

After refusing to stand for the national anthem, members of the USWNT have stirred outrage among American supporters. Before losing to Sweden at the Olympics, the whole USWNT knelt during the anthem.

“Happiest people on planet Earth today? I’m guessing not the shareholders of Victoria’s Secret, where Megan Rapinoe will now have tons of free time to rep the brand!” conservative author Ann Coulter tweeted.

Not heartbreaking at all. @mPinoe is an anti-American piece of trash who does not represent our country, anywhere, ever. Any person who disrespects the the flag that sons and daughters are sent home beneath while fighting for our freedoms overseas, deserves to lose. Repeatedly,” Political commentator Candace Owens wrote to Twitter.

The Babylon Bee known for its creation of ‘fake news’ headlines wrote, “Megan Rapinoe Has Nightmare Of Winning A Medal And Having To Hear The U.S. Anthem Play.”

“Go woke… NO GOLD!!!” a meme page called il Donaldo Trumpo wrote with a video mocking Rapinoe.


Evangelist Franklin Graham, the son of the late Billy Graham, argued the United States Women’s National Team’s defeat was expected and largely due to its players’ attention on “political wokeness” rather than playing the game.

“The US women’s Olympic soccer team lost to Canada for the 1st time in 20 yrs, & I think a lot of people saw it coming. It seems they’ve lost their focus & instead became more focused on political wokeness & using the Olympic stage to promote their agendas,” Graham said.


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