U.S. Truckers Plan Nationwide Protest Against Mandatory Vaccines: “On August 31st, On Tuesday, We’re Asking That Everybody Not Go To Work… This Truck Is Shut Down Officially” (VIDEO)

Tomorrow, Truckers across the United States will stop driving their trucks for at least one day to fight against vaccine mandates. 

Canceled Tik Tok creator, @thedisrespectedtrucker3 and other social media users have organized a nationwide trucker strike.

The Trucker and CDL Life that a protest against mandatory vaccines was planned for truckers across the United States.

On Thursday, CLD Life reported,

A trucker-founded anti-vaccine mandate protest is seemingly in the works for the end of this month according to several trucker social media groups.

If carried out, the demonstration will be an alliance between healthcare workers, truckers, military members, and other citizens across the country, and will protest the requirement of the COVID-19 vaccine for employment, travel, and more. The demonstrators, seemingly headed by Tik Tok trucker @thedisrespectedtrucker3, will gather at various locations across the country August 31st – the same day that the Australian trucker protest against COVID lockdown and restrictions is being held.

In addition to the nearly-viral Tik Tok videos put out by @disrespectedtrucker3, the Facebook Group StopTheTires2020, a group that attempted to organize a nationwide demonstration against the election results and COVID19 lockdowns just last year, has gotten wind of the potential strike and is calling for all drivers to stop their trucks for just one day.

“When I say it’s not about the trucking industry, it’s not about the trucking industry,” disrespected trucker says. “We just have the power to shut the country down.”

“On August 31st, on Tuesday, we’re asking that everybody not go to work,” disrespected trucker explained.  “If they’re out on the road, shut your truck down. There are guys that plan on putting their trucks across the road. There’s guys who plan on parking on the side of the road, parking at home, and at truck stops.”

“I’m not telling anyone how to do it or what to do,” he continued.

“I’m just telling people to shut your trucks down, and nobody go to work at least for Tuesday. Maybe for the rest of the week. Until we get their attention in DC, we’re going to have to keep putting up with bulls**t mandates. What’s going on with the nurses and the military right now isn’t right. So, we’re going to stand up for Freedom.”

On Friday, The Disrespected Trucker tweeted a video of him putting his money where his mouth is.

Well, I guess it’s time for me to put up, or shut up, right? This truck is shut down officially. I’ll see you guys in St. Paul tomorrow, at the capitol. I will be getting back in the truck to drive it up there to help stand with you healthcare workers at the capitol. Other than that, this truck ain’t movin.

Turn off those keys


The next day, he was at the capitol in St. Paul Minnesota to join hundreds in a protest against mandatory vaccines for healthcare workers.

Today, he announced that he was removed from Tik Tok and that we are in deep trouble if we do not stand up to censorship.

Censorship is real folks. I just got banned off of Tik Tok for absolutely nothing, I didn’t threaten anybody, I didn’t bully anybody. I didn’t promote violence, but they banned me anyway. You know why that is? Because I got 85,000 followers in less than a week, because I speak the truth. It’s sad what this country is coming to. And if we don’t all start standing up against this, we’re in deep trouble, just so you know. Anyway, I guess I’ll be on here a little bit more until they ban me off of here which I’m sure is coming very shortly. Have a good day.


A source tells The Gateway Pundit that this is legitimate, but it may not be implemented in a uniform manner. However, we should expect the unexpected because anything is possible.

Big tech censorship infringes on our right to assemble, but we should be prepared for anything.

Tik Tok removed him at 85,000 or more followers. This could be huge.

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