SHOCK VIDEO: Man Attacked By Lunatic With a HATCHET at Manhattan ATM

A 51-year-old man was brutally attacked by a lunatic with a hatchet at a Manhattan ATM on Sunday.

The attack took place just before 5:30 p.m. at an ATM inside a Chase Bank vestibule on Broadway near Beaver Street in the Financial District.

In a shocking video of the incident obtained by the New York Post, the attacker removes a hatchet from a dark bag, sneaks up behind his victim and begins slashing him.

“The frightened and bloodied victim tries to fend off the brutal assault, falling to the floor several times as he futilely attempts to grab his crazed assailant’s weapon, the footage shows,” the Post report explains. “When the unidentified suspect is finished beating his victim, he smashes the screens of the cash-dispensing machines before walking away — and leaving the hatchet and his backpack behind, according to police.”

The victim is now hospitalized in stable condition.

The attacker remains at large.


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