Pravda Party: Majority of Democrats Prefer Socialism Over Capitalism According to New Poll

It seems like an eternity ago, when former President Donald Trump gave the State of the Union Address in which he exclaimed “America will NEVER be a Socialist country,” to a crowd who roared loudly with approval.

Socialist Crackpot Bernie Sanders Scowls As President Trump Proclaims “America Will Never Be a Socialist Country!” (VIDEO)

Now, fast forward to 2021 and the un-American ideology has tipped the scales in its favor among mainstream registered “Democrats,” despite the soviet-style restrictions they have endured throughout the pandemic. 

Their progressive act is washed out, it’s time to just call it as it is and rename the party, they are Socialists.

According to a poll that was released by Fox News on Thursday, the majority of democrats are now in favor of Socialism over Capitalism.

As of today, only 49% “have a positive view” of Capitalism while 59% of them said the same about Socialism, but that was not the case just over a year ago.

Fox News reports:

The trend toward socialism among Democrats comes at a time when members of Congress such as self-described democratic socialists Rep. Alexandria-Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., and Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., have had a growing influence on Democratic politics.

The radicals have been converting believers at an alarming rate since China-Joe took office. In February 2020, Democrats were asked the same question. Even though the sentiment for Capitalism stayed at a similar level, Socialism received just 1/3 of the support and checked in at 40%.

The poll shows the left’s clear disregard for individual freedoms and civil liberties, especially with everything going on in the world currently in the aftermath of the past year. There is a global resistance against these authoritarian lockdowns and vaccine mandates that are being implemented by progressive dictators yet the American appears to be siding with dictators.

The Gateway Pundit recently reported on an extremely concerning example of the willingness of everyday leftists to satisfy the demands of their overlords.

MARK DICE INVESTIGATION: Video Shows Americans Are In Favor of Mandating Vaccines & Jailing “Anti-Vaxers”

The pervasive spread of this murderous ideology is sickening and goes against the very essence of what this country was founded on.

These people are more interested in handouts than hard work, knowing nothing of the true American dream, and have been indoctrinated to hate the system that has provided them everything they have and with all of their opportunities, while Marxists twist language in an effort to destroy our great nation through evil propaganda.

It’s lunacy that so many Democrats buy the lie of a socialist utopia.

What cost are they willing to pay for it besides the use of conservative’s freedom as currency?

The stupidest part of it all – Utopia literally means ‘no place.’ It’s an impossibility not progress, wake up already.


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