Police State Rebellion: Hundreds Arrested as Chaos Breaks Out in Australia During Massive Freedom Protests; Crowd Breaks Through Barricades – Video

In the newest wave of soviet-style lockdowns that are being imposed down under, people have been confined to their homes and are only permitted to leave for certain activities. The military has even been deployed to assist local authorities as extra muscle to ensure people comply.

Australia’s tyrannical covid restrictions have been causing unrest for weeks, but during massive freedom demonstrations on Saturday things hit a breaking point and boiled over when authorities came out and met them in full force. 

City streets across the country were filled as citizens marched in unison, demanding their freedom and chanting “no more lockdowns.”

Many were carrying signs that read “vaccines kill” and “open schools and parks now,” despite the constant threat of being hauled away by the gestapo at any second. 

In one demonstration, thousands had gathered in Melbourne and were met with the same heavy police response. In an effort to control the crowd, authorities resorted to using rubber bullets and tear gas as they clashed throughout the day.

Dozens of officers have even been seen tackling demonstrators seemingly at random in brutal assaults that have been caught on camera.

A woman was violently harassed just for attending the event, the gestapo ganged up on her and shoved her into a wall when they caught her walking alone. 

They even assaulted a little kid, pepper spraying him in the face. 


At one point, protesters breached a police barricade that had been set up during the unrest. When police attempted to expand their perimeter, a line of protesters with their arms linked broke through the line and allowed the crowd to storm through.

Hundreds have been arrested across the country as authorities try to track down more dissenters.

In Melbourne alone, almost 250 people have already been arrested and countless more face massive fines ($5,452) for violating the unconstitutional lockdown orders by taking part in the protests.

It’s no wonder #AustraliaHasFallen is trending, they have reverted back to an authoritarian police state.

They are even building Vax-entration camps for those especially unruly people who need a ‘little extra’ supervision.

Vax-entration Camps? Australian Government Builds “Mandatory Quarantine Facilities”, Officials Say Jab Is “Golden Ticket to Freedom”


Australia is quickly resembling something like Communist China, and if Americans don’t stand up soon to this tyranny that is being masked as public health, we will too. 


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