“Pledge to Teach the Truth: Despite New State Bills Against It.”: THOUSANDS Of Teachers Across America Sign Pledge To Violate Law And Teach Critical Race Theory

Thousands of teachers have pledged to violate the law and indoctrinate children on critical race theory, regardless of whether or not the law prohibits it.

We all know what critical race theory does. It teaches students of color to hate white students, and white students to look down upon students of color. It only seeks to divide the masses.

Daily Wire reports,

“The Zinn Education Project, named after the anti-American and factually challenged historian Howard Zinn, has collected signatures from more than 4,200 teachers who “Pledge to Teach the Truth: Despite New State Bills Against It.”

The pledge says:

A recent bill introduced in the Missouri legislature exemplifies a rash of similar bills — in Texas, Idaho, Arkansas, Iowa, Louisiana, New Hampshire, Oklahoma, Rhode Island, West Virginia, Arizona, and North Carolina — that aim to prohibit teachers from teaching the truth about this country: It was founded on dispossession of Native Americans, slavery, structural racism and oppression; and structural racism is a defining characteristic of our society today….

We, the undersigned educators, refuse to lie to young people about U.S. history and current events — regardless of the law.

Teachers and education officials have increasingly expressed scorn at the desires of parents who entrust their kids to them, telling themselves they have a moral obligation to belabor a sense of pervasive oppression to impressionable young people.

Their desire to flout the will of parents also extends to flouting the law. In Tennessee, Liz Jarvis, an English as a Second Language (ESL) teacher at Cornerstone Prep in Memphis, said she will not abide by a bill that passed the State House, should it be signed into law. “To be frank, the bill will not make it harder for my personal classroom because I plan to ignore it,” Jarvis said. “Who’s going to enforce it?”

The names of the teachers who state an intention to break prospective laws, grouped by state and city, are below.

The list is long, but you can jump to your state with these links: Alabama (12), Alaska (14), Arizona (163), Arkansas (10), California (618), Colorado (90), Connecticut (48), Delaware (15), District of Columbia (56), Florida (123), Georgia (68), Guam (1), Hawaii (8), Idaho (21), Illinois (126), Indiana (40), Iowa(41), Kansas (18), Kentucky (32), Louisiana (22), Maine (27), Maryland (109), Massachusetts (139), Michigan (165), Minnesota (81), Mississippi (8), Missouri(59), Montana (11), Nebraska (7), Nevada (25), New Hampshire (48), New Jersey (86), New Mexico (22), New York (289), North Carolina (65), Ohio(103), Oklahoma (27), Oregon (315), Pennsylvania (236), Puerto Rico (1), Rhode Island (36), South Carolina (24), South Dakota (2), Tennessee (56), Texas(193), Utah (17), Vermont (28), Virginia (75), Washington (228), West Virginia(22), Wisconsin (134), Wyoming (4).”

This is pure Marxism.

Click your state to find the educators in your community that signed this pact to violate the law and teach their divisive race theory.

Teachers are not afraid of violating these laws. Is there even a penalty for doing so?

AZ State Representative Mark Finchem says that parents need to pull their kids out immediately.

As more laws are passed preventing discriminatory racial indoctrination, these criminals need to be held accountable.

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