Pentagon Spox John Kirby Runs Away From a Question About ISIS Prisoners Being Released by the Taliban (VIDEO)

Pentagon spokesman John Kirby on Saturday bolted from the lectern after Fox News reporter Lucas Tomlinson confronted him on the Taliban’s alliance with ISIS.

The Biden regime has insisted the Taliban and other terrorist factions in the region such as ISIS, are separate entities.

Biden is actually working with the Taliban, sharing intel with the Taliban and even gave them a (kill) list of Americans and Afghan allies in Kabul.

We know the Taliban has an alliance with ISIS and the Pentagon on Saturday admitted there is “commingling and marbling” between the Taliban and other terrorist networks.

Kirby on Friday said thousands of ISIS prisoners were released after Biden’s withdrawal from Bagram Air Base.

In July, US troops abandoned Bagram Air Base, a strategic military base in Afghanistan, in the dead of the night.

Afghanis looted the abandoned base and thousands of terrorists were released from the two prisons next to Bagram.

Instead of moving the terrorists to Gitmo, Biden allowed them to be released by the Taliban.

Fox News reporter Lucas Tomlinson confronted John Kirby: “ISIS prisoners were released from jail by the Taliban. Is that evidence that the Taliban and ISIS might be in…”

Kirby bolted and refused to answer the question.


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