OANN: AZGOP Chairwoman Kelli Ward Gives Arizona Audit Update after Yesterday’s News – “I Hope That The Attorney General Delivers” (VIDEO)

On Monday, a preliminary audit report was delivered to the Arizona Senate.

The envelope analysis phase of the audit will begin shortly and Maricopa County still refuses to comply with subpoenas.

Yesterday, Arizona GOP Chairwoman Dr. Kelli Ward appeared on OANN’s The Real Story with Natalie Harp.

A portion of the Arizona audit draft report has been delivered to the Arizona Senate and it will be released to the public after a thorough review.

The Arizona Audit Report Is In Draft and Should Be Finished this Coming Week After a Thorough Review by the Senate

The Gateway Pundit reported that the machine recount numbers were delivered to the Arizona Senate last Thursday and auditors will soon begin the envelope analysis phase of the audit.
Maricopa County recently provided Senate auditors with the subpoenaed mail-in ballot envelopes. The envelopes will now be analyzed after reports that signature verification measures were decreased over time, until eventually, they were accepting ballots with no signature.
Maricopa County is still in defiance of the legal and enforceable subpoenas requesting access to routers, Splunk logs, key fobs, and Dominion’s systems.
After the County missed the subpoena deadline, Arizona State Senator Sonny Borrelli requested an SB 1487 investigation, by the Attorney General, into this violation of the law.
If a violation is found, the Supervisors will be given 30 days to resolve the violation. If they fail to resolve it, the State Treasurer shall withhold 10% of state shared funds from the county, which is over $61 million.
Attorney General Mark Brnovich has since opened an investigation into the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors, requesting a written response by August 20.
The County responded, saying that the subpoenas were not enforced before the end of legislative session and therefore, the subpoenas are no longer enforceable.

BREAKING BIG — Jovan Pulitzer: Arizona Audit Report Will be Delivered to Senate on Friday, Results Will Be Earth-Shattering

This is not true. The Senate’s investigative authority does not end at Senate adjournment.

The subpoenas are still enforceable and Maricopa County is still in violation of the law.

Mark Brnovich needs to do his job and enforce the subpoenas.

We will not have a final report until the envelope analysis is finished and Maricopa County complies.
AZGOP Chairwoman Kelli Ward told the OANN audience more about these issues and the preliminary audit report that was delivered yesterday.

Natalie Harp: We are so excited about the audit results coming out. We know that now the Senate has received the results. Today was the day. Now they’re going to review it with a team of lawyers, how long do you think that’s going to take and what are they really doing when they’re reviewing it? are they afraid of being sued or, why aren’t they releasing it right away?

Ward: Well, I think they want to review. I mean, they’re the ones that requisitioned this audit. They are the ones that are responsible. They hired experts to be able to do the job of actually auditing and analyzing, and now the Senate has to take the time to be able to look at what they’ve been given. And remember it’s only a partial report, Natalie, Maricopa County just gave us the ballot envelope, images, a few days ago. So, that’s not even incorporated into this preliminary report that they’ve been given today. And I saw a report or a statement from Karen Fann Senate President Fann, that Doug Logan and a couple of other people on the audit team have developed COVID. So, please everybody keep them in your prayers I hope they’re getting Regeneron, I hope that they are doing everything possible. Because we certainly cannot lose those guys, because they are the experts that are going to get to the bottom of what happened in 2020. Those legislators and all of us out here are the ones who are going to put the pressure on to make sure that there’s a reckoning if there is a vast discrepancy in what we’re finding in Arizona and across the country.

Harp: The ballot images, that’s interesting so Maricopa, they are complying somewhat even though they’re still resisting in the battle now with the Attorney General’s Office. What images specifically were turned over?

Ward: The ballot envelope images. So, this shows us, because you probably heard during the Senate hearing, the latest one, that they reported that the screening for the signature match decreased significantly over time from a 20 point match to maybe zero. And so we need to be able to see those images to see how many ballots were accepted that certainly didn’t have a signature, maybe no signature at all, but certainly not a signature that could actually match a voter.

Harp: Why do you think they complied with turning these over and not the other information?

Ward: You know, maybe they think that they’re going to get away with not giving us the router is not giving us the Splunk logs, not giving us the token to be able to plug into those machines. I will say that Maricopa County, Daring to say that the Senate needs to pay $2.8 million to help cover their debt to dominion, because the machines can’t be certified any longer may come back to bite them. I certainly think it should. Because if they’re accusing the state of ruining their machines, then those machines need to be opened up fully, We need a full investigation by an outside auditor with expertise like Cypher to prove what went on in those machines before giving the taxpayers a bill of almost $3 million in order to pay off Dominion.

Harp: Do you think the Attorney General there is actually going to hold them accountable for not complying with the subpoenas and take away millions of dollars from them, or do you think they’re gonna play the whole “oh you’re out of session so it doesn’t count”?

Ward: Well, I think that that’s ridiculous because that basically says if the legislature isn’t in session, anything that they do, has no force of law whatsoever. We have a part-time legislature in terms of when they’re making laws but they are still our public servants, the entire time, whether they’re in session or not. I think it’s a weak attempt to go around the law, to say that the Board of Supervisors does not have to comply with a legal lawful subpoena from another governmental body. I hope that the Attorney General delivers and delivers what he should which is, Maricopa county needs to deliver everything that was in those subpoenas and so does dominion. 

If the County wants to hold the Senate responsible for new fraudulent voting equipment, then they need to actually prove that the senate ruined the machines and that the machines were in perfect condition before leaving the County’s posession.

The Senate will not be able to finish the full forensic audit without the remaining subpoenaed materials.

Attorney General Brnovich needs to take action on these subpoenas.

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