NatSec Advisor Jake Sullivan Insists Biden Worked All Weekend “Monitoring Developments Hour-by-Hour” as Afghanistan Collapsed (VIDEO)

Jake Sullivan

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki and National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan gave a press briefing on Tuesday as Joe Biden continues to hide at Camp David.

Sullivan tried to spin, spin, spin and justify Biden’s Afghanistan disaster but it didn’t work.

We “collectively take responsibility for every decision” *BUT* “there other parties here responsible as well,” Sullivan said once again blaming others for Biden’s failures.


Sullivan laughably claimed Joe Biden “worked throughout the entire weekend” as Afghanistan collapsed.

We’re just going to file this in “things that never happened.”

“Why wasn’t the president at the White House?” a reporter asked Sullivan.

“The president worked throughout the entire weekend. I was intimately familiar with his working habits over the course of the weekend because I was on the phone with him constantly…” He was monitoring developments hour-by-hour throughout that entire time and has been making a series of decisions about troop deployments, giving us direction and guidance about how to take the shape of this mission and make sure that we are executing it an at every turn asking our military who is leading this mission…what do you need I will get you anything you need…” Sullivan said.

Sullivan also admitted that Biden has NOT spoken to any world leaders since Kabul fell to the Taliban.

So what exactly was Biden doing all weekend (besides sleeping and playing Mario Kart)?


Here’s what Joe Biden was doing after he was awaken from a nap over the weekend:

Here’s what was happening in real time as Biden “monitored developments” every hour:

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