Maryland Venue Cancels Misfits Singer Michale Graves’ Concert Because He is Conservative

Cafe 611 has cancelled a show from Misfits singer Michale Graves because he is an outspoken conservative.

Graves was scheduled to play at the venue on November 5 as part of his American Prayer tour.

“Greg Serio who is a promoter from Baltimore apparently has a problem with me playing at Cafe 611 in Frederick, MD. My show has been canceled after it was booked and confirmed with us,” Graves tweeted along with a screenshot of the text messages.

Serio claimed that he does not like political acts, but frequently books far-left punk bands.

“This has happened to me so many times before,” Graves told the Gateway Pundit. “I feel deeply concerned that we live in a time where people like this hate me so much, and believe so completely in lies and falsehoods about me, that I would not be allowed to perform and denied an opportunity because I am thought to be some kind of monster, which I am not.”

Graves’ Radio Deadly talk show producer Pawl Bazile told Gateway Pundit that it is shocking that Graves has been banned from venues over slander.

“It is shocking that Michale Graves is getting pulled from music venues for what amounts to slander. Keep in mind there is no act I can think of that would be considered too ‘racially liberal’ to not be allowed to play music. Not to mention Michale’s act is not about his politics; which could best be described as run of the mill Christian conservative with an artists flair,” Bazile said. “This is a new level of chicken sh-t, and that’s not underground or punk. Punk is about freedom, being an individual, and not doing what you’re told. Punk was always about being the outcasts, so if an owner or manager is too much of a uptight leftist to host an act he may disagree with, maybe we’re just where we belong…. On the outside going against the establishment. It Comes with the territory.”

His show, Radio Deadly with Michale Graves, is described as “an unconventional talk show that fuses patriotic politics with punk rock set in a format that calls back to the classic days of talk/music radio.”

Though the show was originally launched about a decade ago, it has a new home on Censored.TV, the home of many deplatformed personalities from the right including Gavin McInnes, Milo Yiannopoulos, and Jim Goad. He is often joined by the show’s producer, film director, journalist, and frequent guest on “Friday Night’s All Right;” Pawl Bazile, as well as Graves’s manager, army vet, and co-host of “the Michale Graves Show” on YouTube; Arturo Santaella.

Topics range from current events, politics, and music — to his Christian faith and serious spiritual matters.

For the music fans, Graves also frequently performs original music and favorites from his extensive catalogue. He is often joined by other artists for wide-ranging and fascinating discussions.

You can find Graves on TwitterFacebook and Instagram.

His podcast can be found on Censored.TV every Thursday.

You can complain about the discrimination at Cafe 611 here.


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