MARK DICE INVESTIGATION: Video Shows Americans Are In Favor of Mandating Vaccines & Jailing “Anti-Vaxers”

Mark Dice is at it again.

The heavily censored YouTube creator is notorious for his on-the-street style interviews where he asks random people questions about relevant political issues. This time, even he seemed shocked at the responses he received.

In his most recent social experiment, he hit the streets of California to find out how many people would support forcing their fellow Americans to get the jab under the threat of jail time. 

The fake petition he was asking people to sign was titled “Arrest Non-Vaxers.” Unsurprisingly, only one who signed can be seen reading the headline, and she put her name on it anyways.

Dice clearly explains to everyone he asks that, if they sign, it will help put “anti-vaxers” in jail. You can even see him make more and more ridiculous statements in an attempt to see where the vaxtivists would draw the line on trampling other people’s freedoms.

Thankfully there are a few sane Americans who told him to go kick rocks, one even called him a scumbag for the asinine suggestion, but there were a shocking number who were all too happy to sign.

In one exchange Dice explains to a woman that if people don’t want to get vaccinated “we can put them into jail to make them think about why it is they are refusing.” She happily signs and says “well that’s what I think should happen.”

One woman even exclaims “Good! Yay!” When Dice says that “we will take care of” Americans who refuse to get the jab.

Watch the whole video here:

Right now, vaccine passports and new rounds of authoritarian lockdowns are being put in place by power hungry governments around the world.

It’s shocking to see so many Americans who are willing to throw away the freedoms this country was founded on.

Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

I agree with the guy at the end, the people who signed “they’re all idiots.”


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