Liberal Teacher At California High School Has Kids Pledge Allegiance To The Pride Flag (VIDEO)

It looks like the liberal teachers at California high schools are so emboldened that they post themselves straight to social media with videos of how they indoctrinate children.

In this video, uploaded to her previously public Tik Tok account, 11th Grade High School Teacher Kristin Pitzen teacher at Back Bay High School in the Newport Mesa Unified School District revealed that she doesn’t make kids say the Pledge of the Allegiance and that she also doesn’t have the Star-Spangled Banner in her classroom. Pitzen claims that she took the flag down during the COVID-19 pandemic because it “made [her] uncomfortable.”

In another video posted to her Tik Tok, Pitzen shows off all of her different pride flags in her classroom. She then pledges allegiance to “the queers.”

Some comments on Pitzen’s videos reveal that many parents and other teachers share the same views as Pitzen regarding the Flag and the Pledge of Allegiance.

This level of indoctrination going on at Public Schools is deeply disturbing and it is completely unimaginable how you could push Anti-American values on students, especially given recent tragic events in Kabul.

She should be ashamed of herself!


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