Kansas Math Teacher Fined for Resigning Over Mask Mandate and Critical Race Theory Teachings

A Kansas math teacher has been fined after resigning over the school’s mask mandate and Critical Race Theory program.

Josiah Enyart, a 6th grade math teacher at Comanche Elementary School, was pushed to his breaking point on July 25, when the Shawnee Mission School District sent an email renewing a mask mandate for all students and unvaccinated teachers.

“That was my final straw,” Enyart told the Sentinel.

Enyart was a teacher in the district for 13 years and won the Jedel Excellence in Mathematics Education Award last year.

The school has now fined him $1,000 for resigning after a designated final day to do so in his teaching contract. He doesn’t plan to pay it, though.

“I will be bringing my stuff, but I don’t plan on bringing a check,” Enyart said.

The teacher is arguing that the mask mandate changed the terms of his employment, and he resigned a few days after the change was announced.

Enyart’s frustration with the district began several years ago, however.

“It’s all critical race theory stuff,” Enyart said. “That was kind of the start where I realized, they’re really trying to bring this in and make it something.”

The Sentinel reports that the district spent $400,000 implementing Deep Equity Critical Race Theory training for the teachers, which explicitly instructs educators to “reject and resist any parents who disagree with it.”

The teacher did not just quit the district, he also pulled his own children out of their schools.

“I’m not going to continue to have my kids bossed around by these people and have no power as a parent, no power as a teacher, and for my kids to have no say,” he said.


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