JUST IN: Texas Supreme Court Smacks Down Activist Judge, Rules AWOL Democrats Can be Arrested Upon Return

The Texas Supreme Court on Tuesday ruled the AWOL Democrats can indeed be arrested.

State District Judge Brad Urrutia, a Democrat, signed an order Sunday night temporarily blocking the arrest of AWOL Texas Democrat lawmakers who fled the state to block the GOP’s voting bills.

In mid-July at least 58 Democrat members of the state House of Representatives fled Texas and headed to Washington DC to block Republicans from advancing new voting laws through a special session of the legislature.

Last month Governor Abbott said that he will have the lawmakers arrested and hold them inside the state Capitol “until they get their job done.”

The Texas House of Representatives also voted to send law enforcement to arrest the Democrat lawmakers for fleeing the state and blocking the GOP from passing voting laws.

The Texas Supreme Court smacked down the activist judge and ruled the AWOL lawmakers can be arrested if they fail to do their job and show up for the special session of the legislature.

Some of the Democrats have returned to Texas and a dozen or more are STILL in DC.

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