Jill Biden and First Dog Major Vacation in Delaware, Leaving Joe Biden to Face Worst Week in Office Alone at White House

Joe Biden is all alone at the White House at night as First Lady Dr. Jill and First Dog Major vacation in Delaware. Joe Biden has been trying to take an August vacation but his self-created debacle in Afghanistan has kept pulling him back to the White House as plans for long retreats at Camp David and his homes in Delaware were repeatedly dashed by the rapid collapse of the Afghan government precipitated by Biden’s sudden withdrawal of support for the Afghan military. While dealing with the worst week in his presidency that has seen 13 U.S. troops and over 170 Afghans killed in a terror attack Thursday at the Kabul airport, Biden has no one waiting for him upstairs at the White House residence when he retires for the night.

No wonder he looked so bereft yesterday.

Happier days: Joe, Jill, Major and Champ frolicked on the White House lawn in February.

The Daily Mail reported Friday that Jill Biden is in Delaware with troubled 3-year-old rescue German Shepherd Major in an article about Secret Service emails uncovered by Judicial Watch that show Major has bitten far more people at the White House than the Biden administration has let on. The family’s other German Shepherd, the beloved Champ, passed away in June at the age of 13.


Joe and Jill Biden’s rescue pup Major is spending more time in Delaware as a new cache of Secret Service emails reveal the German Shepherd bit more people than the White House previously disclosed.

The three-year-old dog bit agents every day for a week in March in addition to nipping staff and a White House visitor.

‘As we’ve stated previously, Major has had some challenges adjusting to life in the White House. He has been receiving additional training, as well as spending some more time in Delaware, where the environment is more familiar to him and he is more comfortable,’ Jill Biden spokesperson Michael LaRosa told DailyMail.com on Friday.

‘Major may come and go to Delaware, as the First Family often does as well. When he’s in Delaware, he stays with family friends,’ he added.

The dog is there now as is first lady Jill Biden.

…Major was last seen by DailyMail.com at the White House on March 31, where he was on the South Lawn, leashed and led by a staffer, with Champ, the Bidens’ older dog who died in June.

Jill was with Joe in Washington last weekend, having been seen attending Saturday Mass at a church in Georgetown.

Jill has been largely out of sight this month as she recuperates from a foot injury.

The AP recently reported on Jill’s foot troubles (excerpt):

…The first lady punctured her foot in late July during a beach walk in Hawaii, where she flew for official events after participating in the opening of the Tokyo Olympics, the White House said.

She returned to Washington on July 26 and received outpatient treatment at Walter Reed Military Medical Center in Bethesda, Maryland, on July 29. President Biden joined his wife at the hospital.

Her spokesperson, Michael LaRosa, said it wasn’t known what caused the puncture, but the wound was cleaned, was not infected and was expected to “heal nicely.”…

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