The Jig is Up! Majority of Voters Say Biden is ‘Mentally & Physically’ Incapable to be President; 51% Believe Others are Making Decisions for Him

According to a new poll this week, a majority of voters are now saying that Joe Biden doesn’t have the mental or physical capacity to be President, and believe the White House is actually being run by others who make key decisions for him.

Biden’s approval numbers have been plummeting for weeks, but they have taken a nosedive ever since his endless incompetence sparked another global crisis in Afghanistan. Millions are expected to flee the terrorist-controlled state and thousands of American citizens remain trapped in the country with no way to get to their evacuation flights.

The worst thing of it all, Biden’s State Department is telling US troops to stand down and not join rescue efforts by other western forces. Instead, they are relying on the Taliban to allow Americans to have safe passage through checkpoints on their way to the airport.

He has essentially told them ‘you’re on your own.’

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Meanwhile, as the country rapidly deteriorates further into chaos, the Taliban have been tightening their grip and getting their multi-billion dollar cache of high-tech weaponry more organized.

The horrific situation has been impossible to ignore by American voters.

This week Rasmussen Reports conducted a survey with 1,000 likely voters about his job performance, and they were asked the question “How confident are you that Joe Biden is physically and mentally up to the job of being President of the United States?”

The majority (52%) said they were either “not very” (11%) or “not at all” (41%) confident. Just 1/3 of respondents said they were “very” (32%) confident.

Most of them also think the current fraud in chief, isn’t really the chief of anything. In fact, they would probably just call him a puppet.

When they were asked, “Is Joe Biden really doing the job of president, or are others making decisions for him behind the scenes?” Only 39% said they believe he is, while the majority (51%) said, “others are making decisions for him.”

Let’s just say it’s not looking good for Ol’-Joe.

Somebody better get this man an ice cream cone before he starts yelling about his butt again.


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