INEXCUSABLE: 46 Year Old US Veteran DIES of HIGHLY TREATABLE Gallstone Pancreatitis After Hospitals in Multiple States REFUSED TO ADMIT Him; Denied Life-Saving Surgery Because “Beds Were Full” of Covid Patients

Daniel Wilkinson – A 46 year old US Army veteran in Texas – has tragically and needlessly passed away because no hospital would admit him to perform an emergency surgery that could have saved his life from a highly treatable condition. 

“He Loved his country. He served two deployments over in Afghanistan, came home with a purple heart, and it was a gallstone that took him out.” Michelle Puget, Wilkinson’s grieving mother told CBS.

Wilkinson was rushed to the emergency room in Bellville, Texas when he started feeling very ill. The Bellville Medical Center diagnosed him with gallstone pancreatitis and said he would need to undergo surgery to remove the gallstone.

According to the ER Doctor who initially treated Wilkinson, the center was unequipped to perform the procedure and immediately started calling hospitals in an attempt to find an ICU bed and schedule the life-saving surgery.

Dr. Hasan Kakli explained his urgency to find Wilkinson care and the severity of the situation to CBS This Morning:

“If that stone doesn’t spontaneously come out and doesn’t resolve itself, that fluid just builds up. [It] backs up into the liver, backs up into the pancreas and starts to shut down those organs. His bloodwork even showed that his kidneys were shutting down.” 

Doctor Hasan Kakli’s efforts to transfer Wilkinson had been repeatedly “refused” by dozens of hospitals. He had even tried finding a bed out of state, calling “Oklahoma, Arkansas, Kansas, and Colorado,” Wilkinson’s mother, Michelle Puget, explained to KPRC.

Wilkinsons condition substantially worsened before the ‘medical professionals’ had finally found a bed at the Houston VA Hospital, but by then it was too late – His organs started to fail when he was being airlifted to the ICU. 

Inexcusably, it took 7 hours to admit him for something that should be “taken care of right away.” 

Their negligence caused Wilkinson to pass away within 24 hours of seeking care.

According to CBS This Morning:

“Wilkinson lived an hour and a half outside Houston and ‘within yelling distance’ of the local hospital, yet was still unable to recieve the treatment he needed”

Seriously, what the hell. This is America, NOT VENEZUELA. No beds? No treatment? No Resources are available to save this VETERAN’S Life?

What a disgrace. This is Biden’s America. 

Here is the video with more details from CBS:


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