Event Bright Cancels and Refunds Tickets to Upcoming Christian Event ‘BARDSFEST’ in St. Louis After Hit Piece by Media Matters – Event Will Go On

The event sponsors of BARDSFEST woke up on Wednesday morning, to the shock that their upcoming event that they were selling tickets for was canceled with tickets refunded by one of the ticket agencies selling tickets to the event.

What a nightmare for the event sponsors of BARDSFEST on Wednesday morning.  When they woke they discovered that one of the online ticket sellers to its event coming up in a few weeks decided to cancel their connections to the festival and refund all ticket purchasers their money.  Event Brite did this without contacting the organizer of the event, Scott Kesterson.

BARDSFEST is described as:

Beginning on 26 August through 29 August 2021 in St. Charles, MO, Bards Fest will bring together God fearing, Christ loving Patriots from all over the United States and the World to celebrate HIS glory, HIS might and HIS love.

One mission, two locations, all within 9 miles of each other. An indoor celebration at the Family Arena and an outdoor festival at Drive-In St Louis.

We are going to shake the foundations of the world with the glory of GOD.

Bards Fest is an assembly of Patriots coming together to pray with truth, to inspire action through knowledge and resources, to celebrate fellowship and family and above all to celebrate the word of GOD. We are a Nation adrift, wandering in the desert of spiritual darkness. Bards Fest is a renewal, a revival, a re-awakening of GOD’s glory as the foundation of our great Nation. It is the forge to recreate the New Republic on the bedrock of “In GOD We Trust.”

Kesterson and the event sponsors and producers have decided to move forward with the event.  (This wasn’t even a choice.)  They are now asking individuals to purchase tickets at Ticket Master and a ticket will be good for either event location.  The event sponsors will ask for donations to cover both events from those who are able to give.

What was discovered on Wednesday morning was that Media Matters, the site that is apparently anti-Christian and anti-American by its own actions, released a hit piece on the event and their piece was used to encourage Event Brite, the ticket company, to cancel the Christian American event.

Far-left Media Matters‘ agenda for years through its actions, is to attack and destroy any pro-American conservative individuals and entities.  In its piece on July 28, 2021, it shares the following on the Christian event scheduled in St. Louis.

The event management and ticketing platforms Ticketmaster and Eventbrite are profiting from selling tickets to an upcoming conference organized by a supporter of the QAnon conspiracy theory who also has ties to a QAnon militia group. Multiple other QAnon and anti-vaccine influencers are also scheduled to attend the conference, which seemingly violates the rules of both platforms.

The conference, called “BardsFest,” is scheduled for late August and claims it “will bring together God fearing, Christ loving Patriots from all over the United States and the World” to “hear some of the nations most powerful voices of GOD, Liberty and Freedom.” The conference’s website links to Eventbrite and Ticketmaster for attendees to buy tickets. Notably, both platforms take a cut of the ticket sales.

Even though the conference description is somewhat vague, the list of people planning to attend heavily suggests that the conference will be dedicated to spreading extremism and misinformation, including about the 2020 presidential election, the coronavirus pandemic, and vaccines. (The conference will be held in Missouri, a current hotspot for coronavirus cases nationally.)

The event is being organized by BardsFM, a podcast hosted by QAnon supporter Scott Kesterson. In a video uploaded on July 24, Kesterson appeared on the show of fellow QAnon supporter Jeffrey Pedersen (known online as “intheMatrixxx”) to promote the conference and discuss QAnon. During the show, Kesterson called those who were arrested for allegedly participating in the January 6 insurrection at the United States Capitol “patriots.”

Of course, most people don’t even know what QAnon is.  This series of texts and posts after the 2016 election many believed were clues to what was going on behind the scenes in DC to support President Trump and the American agenda.  There was little if anything in the posts and texts that referred to violence.  This was all it was.  But far-left sites like Media Matters claim without evidence that this phenomenon promoted violence, which it did not.  Media Matters has never claimed BLM or Antifa were violent or destructive, to our knowledge, even though people were murdered and billions in property damage occurred at the hands of these groups.

To summarize: 

Sales to a Christian pro-American group event were canceled by Event Brite this week without notifying the event organizers.  The action was apparently taken in response to an anti-Christian and anti-American hit piece from Media Matters.  The event will go on.  American Christian patriots will not be swayed by sinister actions of any far-left organization.

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