Chicago Police Officer Dragged By Vehicle During Traffic Stop (VIDEO)

A Chicago police officer was dragged by a vehicle and injured during a traffic stop on Friday night.

Less than a week ago, Chicago Police Officer Ella French and her partner were both shot during a traffic stop. French did not survive.

“Officers were conducting a traffic stop at about 7:30 p.m. when the driver of an Impala reversed his car and dragged an officer, pinning him between the offender’s vehicle and a viaduct, police said,” according to a report from Fox 32. “During this incident, the officer discharged his firearm resulting in shots being fired by police. No one was struck by gunfire.”

This attack on an officer was only a few miles from where French was killed.

The suspect fled the scene and has not been apprehended at this time.

The officer is said to be in good condition.



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