Who is Calling the Shots Here? Biden Reaffirms Successful Evacuation of Americans Hinges on Taliban Cooperation (Video)

Once again, Feeble Ol’-Joe was hours behind schedule on Wednesday, making everyone wait for him to finally dotter up onto stage and struggle through a 10 minute update on his historic failure in Afghanistan.

As usual, he struggled to read the teleprompter and mumbled incoherently, before bolting out of the room to avoid answering any questions.

During his quick address, he bent the knee to the Taliban yet again. 

The commander in chief – of the greatest army ever assembled – reaffirmed to the world that America is now relying on the cooperation of terrorists, who’s ideology centralizes around destroying the West, to successfully evacuate US citizens that have been stranded.

This guy is a complete embarrassment.

“But, the completion by august 31st depends upon the Taliban continuing to cooperate and allow access to the airport for those who we are transporting out, and no disruptions to our operations.”


In other words, the Taliban are calling the shots in the Biden regime.

Joe Biden has ignored advisors throughout the entire process. Now 10,000+ Americans are facing the possibility of being left to fend for themselves against the Taliban if they are not able to make it onto an evacuation flight by the, shamefully agreed upon, deadline at the end of the month.

US citizens are trapped behind several checkpoints that have been set up by Taliban thugs, who are beating and harassing them as they try to flee the country. 

It’s now up to them to allow Americans to safely pass through.

What a joke.

Biden has cut deals with corrupt governments and enriched himself for his whole career, now he is selling out Americans once again and cutting deals with the enemy that’s holding them hostage.


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