Boston’s Democrat Mayor Compares NYC’s Covid Vaccine Mandate to Slavery, Jim Crow Era

Kim Janey

Boston Mayor Kim Janey (D) blasted NYC Mayor de Blasio’s fascist vaccine mandate and compared it to slavery and the Jim Crow era.

New York City is mandating proof of vaccination for people to enter certain indoor businesses.

The businesses being targeted will include restaurants, entertainment venues and gyms.

Psaki said the Biden White House supports NYC’s decision to force people to show their papers before entering a restaurant or gym.

Mayor Janey says she is encouraging people to get the Covid jab but blasted Bill de Blasio for imposing a mandate.

“We want to make sure that we are giving every opportunity for folks to get vaccinated. When it comes to what businesses may choose to do, we know that those types of things are difficult to enforce when it comes to vaccine,” Janey told WCVB.

“There’s a long history in this country of people needing to show their papers,” Janey continued. “During slavery, post-slavery, as recent as you know what immigrant population has to go through here. We heard Trump with the birth certificate nonsense. Here we want to make sure that we are not doing anything that would further create a barrier for residents of Boston or disproportionally impact BIPOC [black, indigenous and people of color] communities.”

Janey continued: “Instead, you want to lean in heavily with partnering with community organizations, making sure that everyone has access to the lifesaving vaccine. As it relates to people who want to encourage their workforce to get vaccinated. We certainly support that.”

The CDC reported on Wednesday that only 28.4% of blacks have received the Covid vaccine.

It looks like the Democrats are up to their old tricks by harming the black community with their vaccine mandates.

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