Bloody, Violent, Chaotic Scene as Shots Are Fired Outside Kabul Airport – Taliban Confiscating US Passports, Driver’s Licenses (VIDEO)

It is a bloody and chaotic scene outside of the Kabul airport this weekend thanks to Joe Biden’s botched withdrawal.

Biden’s State Department sent out BLANK US visas, which were then printed and filled out by everyone in Kabul – including the Taliban.

Because of this, tens of thousands of Afghans have flooded Kabul airport in hopes of being able to catch a plane ride to the United States.

A new video released shows a very chaotic and bloody scene at the north gate outside the airport.

VIDEO obtained by Politico reporter Alex Thompson:

Thousands of Afghans have flooded the airport making it impossible for Americans to be safely extricated.

Americans can’t even get to a plane if they make it through the dangerous gauntlet and pass Taliban checkpoints because the airport is packed with thousands of Afghans.


Shots were fired outside the Kabul airport this weekend.


The New York Post reported the Taliban is confiscating US passports and driver’s licenses:

In the latest blow to those running up against the clock, Afghan-Americans on Thursday said that Taliban fighters are now attempting to take their U.S. passports and identification orders in an attempt to stop them from leaving the country.

“I got to the gates and was about to show my passport, but the Taliban got it, and he said you are not allowed to go through and wouldn’t give it back,” one Afghan-American, who served for several years as an interpreter during the war and has his home in the U.S but requested anonymity for safety reasons, said. “I was lucky a U.S. marine was right there and forced him to give it back.”

According to several others, some have not been so lucky — hamstringing their chance to make it home ahead of the Taliban’s officially assuming of the throne.

“U.S. passports, driver’s licenses — they are confiscating those pieces of documentation from American citizens,” said Ephraim Mattos, a former Navy SEAL and founder of the humanitarian organization, Stronghold Rescue and Relief, which is working around the clock to evacuate Afghans interpreters and helpers. “They lose proof of who they are, and this has happened on multiple occasions in multiple places.”

But according to Dementia Joe, everything is going as planned and there is nothing to worry about.

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