Biden State Department Sent Out BLANK US Visas, Which Were Printed and Filled Out by Everyone in Kabul – Including Taliban (VIDEO)

Stolen elections have consequences.

Biden’s State Department sent out BLANK US visas, which were then printed and filled out by everyone in Kabul – including the Taliban.

The Biden regime is flying thousands of unvetted Afghans to the US.

We have no idea who these people are.

David Fox, an American in Kabul told ABC News about his experience trying to get out of Afghanistan.

“For me, as a father, I have to weigh the risks of these different options…The airport is very dangerous,” Fox told ABC News.

Mr. Fox held up a US visa form that the State Department emailed to tens of thousands of people, including Afghans.

The visa form was blank – no name, no serial number, no bar code was on the form and the Afghans were able to print the document.


Here’s the full ABC interview with David Fox:

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