Alex Berenson Tweet Censored by Twitter Shows the Pfizer Vaccine Does Nothing to Reduce the Overall Risk of Death from COVID-19

Alex Berenson had his book censored by Twitter but then after individuals like Elon Musk complained Amazon went ahead and published it.

Alex Berenson is a former New York Times reporter, science writer, and the author of the book titled, “Unreported Truths about COVID-19 and Lockdowns.” According to hundreds of his tweets, Berenson is also an advocate for vaccines. However, Berenson also claimed that the role of facts, reporting, journalistic integrity, and public trust throughout the pandemic is slowly eroding away.

At first Berenson’s efforts to publish his book were stopped by Amazon.  This led Elon Musk to respond in a tweet:

Now more recently Berenson released another tweet about the results of tests of the Pfizer coronavirus vaccine.  This tweet was at first censored but then surprisingly was uncensored by Twitter:

Berenson’s tweet held these two attachments.  The Pfizer vaccine “does nothing to stop the overall risk of death”  and 15 patients who received the vaccine died while 14 who received the placebo died.

Berenson notes that the Twitter warning that was originally placed on his tweet (below) had been removed.

Big Tech and Big Pharma are doing all they can to prevent the truth from reaching the public.  However, the truth cannot be broken.

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