Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine Urges People to Use Terms Like ‘Chestfeeding’ and ‘Human Milk Feeding Individuals’

The Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine has released an almost comically absurd statement calling for people to use terms that are “more inclusive” for trans people while discussing this act of motherhood.

Terms they recommend in this war on moms include “chestfeeding” and “human milk feeding individuals.”

In their table of suggested terms, the ABM listed “father’s milk” as a serious term, as well as “gestational parent” for mother.

The Blaze reports that “the ABM said that they were responding to calls from the World Health Organization and the United Nations to change the language in order to avoid ‘violence’ and discrimination against ‘lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and intersex people.'”

“They called this policy the effort to ‘desex’ a language, or to use gender-inclusive language,” the report continues.

It is currently unclear if the organization plans to change their name to the Academy of Chestfeeding Medicine.”


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