780 Generals, Admirals, Ambassadors and Senior National Security Directors Supported Biden Before the 2020 Election – Here is a Short List of These Dummies Who Couldn’t Have Been More Wrong

Guest post by Bob Bishop

A list of nearly 800 senior National Security Directors, Admirals, Generals, and Ambassadors backed Biden in 2020 before the election.  Here are some of the notables that couldn’t have been more wrong as Afghanistan winds down.

How could they have been so wrong about Biden?

Last October, 780 national security leaders, including two former Defense Secretaries, 184 retired generals, 112 retired admirals, 166 former Ambassadors, and 22 CIA officers issued an ‘An Open Letter to America‘ extolling the wisdom and virtue of Joe Biden and endorsed him for President. From the leadership that brought you the Iraq Weapons of Mass Destruction, Trump Russian Collusion Conspiracy, and the faux Trump–Ukraine scandal.  They shared comments like:

“… we trust Joe Biden’s positions are rooted in sound judgment,  thorough understanding and fundamental values.”

“…Joe Biden’s honesty and integrity indisputable.”

“We believe that Joe Biden is, above all, a good man  with a strong sense of right and wrong.”

“Joe Biden has the character, principles, wisdom, and leadership necessary to address a world on fire.”

“Finally, Joe Biden believes in personal responsibility.”

Disgraceful and slavish praise for President Biden, who sponsored the illegal migrant invasion of the southern border and a spectacularly botched withdrawal from Afghanistan, which armed the Taliban terrorists with global firepower.  Biden’s weak leadership is now a national security threat.

Recently, the website for National Security Leaders for Biden (nationalsecurityleaders4biden.com) has been wiped from the internet.  Thanks to the Wayback Machine, the Open Letter is available for posterity. The apparatchiks can run, but cannot hide.

Few of the notable know-nothings who endorsed Biden for President:

  • John Kerry, former Secretary of State
  • Madeleine Albright, former Secretary of State
  • Ambassador Susan Rice, former National Security Advisor and current Director of the Domestic Policy Council
  • Alejandro Mayorkas, current Secretary of Homeland Security
  • Lieutenant General James Clapper, USAF (Ret), former Director of National Intelligence
  • Janet Napolitano, former Secretary of Homeland Security
  • General Wesley Clark, USA (Ret), former Commander U.S.
  • Ambassador Victoria Nuland (Ret)
  • Leon E. Panetta, former Secretary of Defense
  • Governor Tom Ridge, former Secretary of Homeland Security

These dummies no doubt still stand by their comments.

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