WATCH: Hundreds Protesting Vaccine Passports Storm French Town Hall, Tear Down Macron Portrait

Roughly 300 people stormed the Chambéry Town Hall in France in protest of vaccine passports.

The demonstrators tore down the official portrait of French President Emmanuel Macron.

As they stormed the building,  the people chanted “No to the [vaccine] pass,” and “Macron must resign!” French broadcaster France Info reports.

“The protesters then took down the official portrait of President Emmanuel Macron, a symbolic gesture that was also seen in late 2019 when climate activists stole the presidential portraits from some 130 town halls across France,” Breitbart News reports.

The protesters were only in the building for 10-15 minutes, according to reports.

“The city of Chambéry condemns with the utmost firmness this intrusion,” the mayor’s office said in a statement, and added that it was not “tolerable to attack republican symbols and the symbolic place that is a city hall.”

The protest was the third one to take place in the city this week.

Last weekend, over 100,000 people protested the passport policy, which will be required for people to enter certain businesses such as restaurants or engage in various forms of travel.


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