UPDATE: Garbage Audit Report from Windham, New Hampshire Election Released But To No One’s Surprise They Find No Issues

Sadly, we’re not surprised by the results of the audit of the 2020 Election in Windham, New Hampshire.  The audit team was biased, their audit program was a joke, their work was laughable, which led to the garbage report released on Tuesday.

We knew this would happen.  The results of the Windham, New Hampshire audit come out and there are no winners.  Unfortunately, the people of New Hampshire are the real losers.  The voters saw a discrepancy in their election results and their politicians and some conflicted auditors end up saying everything is fine – move along now.

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The report released on Tuesday was more like a copy of the audit work papers than a legitimate and well thought threw audit report.  The auditors threw everything in the report which is very sophomoric.  Much of what was provided was not necessary and perhaps should have been kept as available if requested.  It probably was put in the report in an effort to show that something was actually accomplished since one auditor didn’t participate much in the audit at all and another of the three auditors walked around with his hands in his pants.  The third auditor walked around in a white T-shirt after removing his shirt.

The Executive Summary of the audit is as follows:

This forensic audit addressed the unusual numerical disparity between the originally reported results for the November 2020 contest for New Hampshire State Representative in Rockingham County District 7 (the town of Windham) and the official hand recount results for that contest. The recount did not change the outcome of the election. (Official hand recounts are common in New Hampshire. For instance, there were 16 recounts requested and conducted following the 2020 General Election, and 7 following the 2020 State Primary. New Hampshire’s elections are administered by 320 towns and wards,1 of which 197 use voting machines2 and 123 count their votes by hand.)

This audit found the primary root cause of the discrepancy to be folds through vote targets on some absentee ballots, largely resulting from using a machine to fold absentee ballots. That folding machine, leased by the town for other purposes, did not fold ballots along the score lines between vote targets, where the ballots were designed to be folded. Instead, it often folded ballots through vote targets in the State Representative contest, which the scanners interpreted as vote attempts a substantial fraction of the time: we estimate that about 44 percent of folds through targets were interpreted as marked ovals in November, and experiments conducted during the audit exhibited rates of about 20 percent to more than 72 percent. The problem may have been exacerbated by inadequate maintenance that allowed a build-up of white powder inside the scanners, obstructing the lenses. Folds through vote targets also affected the gubernatorial contest, but less frequently. We also found, as is generally the case in recounts, that the hand count was able to ascertain voter intent in some instances where voters marked ballots incorrectly, leading the scanners to misread valid votes as undervotes or overvotes. No malware was found on any of the tabulators. Forensic examination of a random sample of paper ballots revealed nothing anomalous about the paper, printing, or marking.

The folding machine problem notwithstanding, for the most part our audit found the Windham election to have been well run under challenging circumstances, and we confirmed the number of ballots cast to within two ballots. Inevitably, close scrutiny of election procedures identified some errors and concerns that may inspire procedural improvements in Windham and elsewhere in New Hampshire.

The auditors and the Democrat machine want us all to move along now.

The one problem identified by auditors which received little or no attention is the manner in which the ballots were printed.  The report mentions that ballots that caused issues were ballots where the folds were in error:

Harried election officials borrowed a folding machine to send out thousands of absentee ballots more quickly, and votes on roughly 400 ballots were miscounted as a result.”

The major flaw according to the auditors was in the folds.  They took a great deal of time and effort to attempt to proclaim that they did a forensic audit of the ballots in Windham from the 2020 Election and folds were the reason for the material amount of discrepancies in the audit, but they missed something.  Compared to Arizona, this audit was a joke.

Ballots in New Hampshire per the law have to be printed in uniformity:

 656:16 Uniformity; Folding. – There shall be no impression or mark to distinguish one general election ballot from another. The names of all candidates shall be printed in uniform type, and the ballots for each town and city shall be such that their width and length when folded shall be uniform.

The auditors share that the folds were the issue, but we suspect it is much more.  New Hampshire voters should demand a forensic audit of the 2020 Election similar to the audit taking place in Maricopa County, Arizona, if they really want to get to the truth.  

This audit was literally a joke, T-shirt and all.

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