Supporters of a Black History Course in Missouri’s Francis Howell School District Tell One Story in Public and Another in Private

Supporters of proposed Black History in Missouri School District course caught sanitizing their sales pitch in public but telling a different story in private.

The following comes from the description section of the video below concerning the critical race theory.

Watch supporters of the proposed Black History course in the Francis Howell School District (in St Charles County, MO) present their sanitized sales pitches in public. Then go behind the scenes to see how Dr. King, their consultant (paid $15K by the district), sets them up to write a Critical Theory based history curriculum and hide it from parents. Finally, there are several minutes of questions asked by teachers and counselors in the district (answered by Dr. King) as they attempt to plan how to bypass parent concerns and hide the content of the curriculum in a push for social justice. This video is clipped from the full presentation for the sake of time, but the intent and meaning of speakers’ comments has not been changed.

All content in this video was obtained from publicly available sources as well as Sunshine requests through the school district, per Missouri state law. It was edited using Pinnacle Studio 23 Ultimate.

For reference, the proposed Black History curriculum is at$file/Black%20History%20Curriculum.pdf, and the related proposed Black Literature curriculum is at$file/Black%20Literature%20Curriculum.pdf.

Additionally, a revealing article by Dr. King where he lays out his beliefs in Critical Race Theory and Critical Pedagogy, as well as how they relate to Marxism, can be found at

Here is the video:

Overall this effort to highlight the Critical Race Theory appears to take us back decades by identifying individuals’ by their color.  It also then pushes the theory as an excuse for Marxism. 

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