Stacey Abrams Now Owns 2 Homes in Georgia Worth $1.4 Million Despite Having Been in Massive Debt After Failed 2018 Gubernatorial Run

Failed Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams now owns two homes in Georgia worth over $1.4 million despite being in hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt a couple years ago.

Recall, in 2018, Stacey Abrams owed the IRS $54,000 and had more than $400,000 in consumer debt/ total liabilities owed.

Now she owns 2 homes and her $54,000 IRS debt has been settled.

Abrams defended her financial problems in 2018 and said her debt should not disqualify her for governor of Georgia.

Abrams, who earned a Juris Doctor from Yale Law School, blamed her debt on racism despite making $95,000 a year at her first law firm job.

“Race and gender play a major role in determining just how big of a financial disadvantage we’re likely to face,” Abrams wrote in Fortune.

And just like that, Abrams went from being hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt to owning $1.4 million in real estate and profiting from local elections in Georgia and across the US – making millions to run our elections.

Fox New reported:

Since her electoral failure, though, Abrams has made a series of property purchases in DeKalb County that have been scrubbed from the county tax assessor’s website, according to records obtained by Fox News.

Most county tax assessors in the state of Georgia, such as in Abrams’ DeKalb County, have a searchable database for property information, but individuals can request to have their information taken offline.

The former state lawmaker bought her first townhome in DeKalb County for $246,300 in 2004 and purchased a second home in the area in 2019 for $370,000 that is now valued at $409,400.

Fast-forward to October 2020, just days before the presidential election. Abrams simultaneously sold the home she bought in 2004 for $400,000 and bought a new second home for $975,000.

The home Abrams purchased in October of last year is now valued at $1,003,934.

The two houses are worth a combined $1.4 million, illustrating that Abrams has seen a significant financial tailwind since her failed 2018 campaign.

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