Side By Side Video Of Hunter Biden Smoking Crack With Joe Biden Praising Strict Penalties For Crack, Goes Viral

In 1991, Joe Biden who was a senator in Delaware praised crack possession laws. Video of Hunter Biden smoking crack recently started to gain attention on social media where he was talking to his dead brother’s widow about rehab.

“In a video that recently emerged, Hunter Biden recorded himself having a conversation with Hallie Biden. Hallie Biden is the widow of Beau Biden. Beau tragically died of cancer in May 2015,” the Life Zette reported.

The outlet also reported that Hunter and Hallie Biden were dating shortly after Beau died and Hunter was still married to his wife Kathleen at the time.

Users on Twitter were very quick to respond on the footage of Hunter Biden.

“Anyone know if the MSM ran that video of Hunter? If they didn’t, they are frauds. Because obviously, any similar video involving Trump or his kids would lead the news,” one user shared.

Watch the side by side video of Hunter Biden and Joe Biden below:

The 1 minute video of Hunter Biden talking with Hallie has over 700,000 views.


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