RUMBLINGS: 2 of 3 Retired Policemen Drop From Wisconsin Speaker Vos’s Audit Team – Vos Refuses to Call for a Forensic Audit in Wisconsin

Wisconsin’s Republican Speaker of the House continues to refuse a real forensic audit in the state.  Now 2 of 3 policemen Vos selected for an audit of the state have reportedly resigned.

Wisconsin’s Speaker Vos has continueS to pretend he cares about election integrity while showing he does not.  He’s taken numerous actions to indicate he knows the Wisconsin 2020 Presidential election was fraudulent.  But he shows he doesn’t want to get to the truth by responding with actions that will never catch the fraud in the election in his state.

Last week we learned why.

‘A Curse to the Republican Party’ – Trump Blasts RINO Loser Paul Ryan in Blistering Statement

Now we have learned that two of the three retired policemen that Vos selected to perform an audit of the election in the state have resigned.  For some reason, Vos is keeping this on the down-low.

All that the Speaker has to do is order a forensic audit of the state’s 2020 Election results and the people in his state will know that he made an effort to get to the bottom of the fraud in the state.  But Vos can’t do this.  He is owned by his friends from the past. 

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