POLL: 88 Percent Believe Inflation Will Get Worse Under Biden

Joe Biden has been president for barely six months and America already has an inflation problem.

According to a new poll, most Americans expect things to get even worse under Biden.

It’s hardly surprising.

The Washington Examiner reports:

Gloom: 88% fear higher inflation under Biden, bacon up 8.4%, gas 45%

Virtually all people in the United States, 88%, believe inflation is here to stay and will soar more, continuing a troubling trend under President Joe Biden.

While the White House has given conflicting signs about the inflation potential, projections shared with Secrets from the Statista Research Department show it increasing at about 2.5% through 2024 and “tapering off” by 2026. It’s currently at about 5.4%.

And people are feeling the heat, paying 45% more for gas, 44% more for fuel oil, 5.6% more for milk, and even 8.4% more for bacon.

As a result, many are bummed out and ready to sock it to politicians. The hashtag #Bidenflation has been trending recently.

In a new Skynova survey provided to Secrets today, 61% said that inflation will hurt them overall and especially whack the elderly, young, and middle-income families.

Few are not concerned about the impact. Skynova said that 83% are at least somewhat concerned about it.

This problem touches so many aspects of people’s daily lives.

Unfortunately, it’s probably going to get worse before it gets better.

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