Orbán: Hungary Won’t Allow LGBTQ Activists in Kindergartens and Schools

Viktor Orbán and young fans

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán is fighting back against Transgender activism: Orbán  said the European Parliament (EP) and the European Commission (EC) are trying to get Hungary to allow LGBTQ activists into its kindergartens and schools, but Hungary won’t allow this.

The prime minister told reporters in Belgrade that Wednesday’s European Parliament plenary debate on Hungary’s new child protection law had been useful because it clearly revealed the positions. The EP and the EC want LGBTQ activists and organizations to gain entry to schools and kindergartens but “Hungary does not want this”. PM Orbán said the debate concerns who should decide about how to raise children, he added.

PM Orbán said the European basic treaties clearly show that it is an issue that belongs in national authority, adding that “Brussels bureaucrats have no business here”. “No matter what they’ll do, we will not allow LGBTQ activists to enter our kindergartens and schools,” Orbán said.

Gergely Gulyás, the head of the Prime Minister’s Office, said earlier that Hungary rejected the whole debate which was trying to address the law as “one harming basic human rights rather than as a child protection measure”. “We are not advising anyone above 18 on how to live their lives. The Hungarian Constitution ensures human dignity to everyone … regardless of how they live.

According to a report by Origo.hu, Soros NGOs have been pumping millions into the promotion of the LGBT agenda to schoolchildren in Hungary, including the Labrisz Lesbian Association (2019: 11 million Forint/$36,747), the Background Society Hatter (25 million Forint/$83,516), Budapest Pride (2019: 6 million Forint/$20,043), the Transvanilla Transgender Association, the Hungarian LGBTQ Association and the Patent Association against Patriarchy. According to Origo, promoting the LGBT agenda in Hungary is of particular importance to heir-apparent Alexander Soros. The Labrisz Lesbian Association funded LGBT children’s book “Fairy Tales for Everyone” (Meseország mindenkié) with 4.1 million Forint ($13,696), published September 2020.



According to the EU Financial Transparency System, Hatter received €80.000 EU funding in 2020 and the Patent Association against Patriarchy €20.000.



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