NOT ALL AUDITS ARE THE SAME – Here’s Why the Arizona Senate’s Audit of Maricopa County’s Results in the 2020 Election Is BEST IN CLASS

The Arizona Senate’s audit of the 2020 Election results is best in class.  Here’s why.  

We can start by comparing the Senate’s audit with other audits performed around the state and country.

SHOCKING EXCLUSIVE: Auditors Selected by Arizona Maricopa County Board of Supervisors Send Message to Observers: “F@#$ You”

The audit in Michigan was reported was performed by county clerks which eliminated any independence in the audit.  If all the ballots were selected then the clerks would not have to bother selecting ballots, all of them would be audited.  With a Soros-backed Secretary of State running the election process in Michigan, you know Michigan requires more oversight not less.

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Virginia claimed they would address the 300,000 ballots droppen on election night in the state (3 times) by recounting the ballots.  Here’s why we believe this audit was worthless:

  • The Virginia audit samples election results. – It does not audit all the ballots counted in the election (which can be done).
  • The Virginia audit wastes people’s time.  The first couple bullets list an exercise where the localities will put together information for the auditors, so the auditors can create their sample. – If the entire population is included in the audit, none of these tasks are necessary, because the result will be 100% accurate since all the ballots are included in the population.
  • The review of the ballots consists of counting and recording the ballots selected for review.  –  This sampling approach is garbage.  It was maybe good in 1980 but in 2020 it will not suffice.
  • The problem with this audit is it will never address invalid ballots.  It counts the ballots but does no adjudication of the validity of the ballots being counted.

Virginia Now Starting Another Garbage Audit – Using a 1980 Audit Program to Catch 2020 Voter Fraud

The auditors used by the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors who were not certified when they claimed they were, sent a message to those observing their audit – this is called “Worst in Class“.

SHOCKING EXCLUSIVE: Auditors Selected by Arizona Maricopa County Board of Supervisors Send Message to Observers: “F@#$ You”

Here’s more on why the audit contracted by the Arizona Senate was much more robust than the two ‘audits’ performed by auditors hired by Maricopa County.  (Hint – for one thing the Maricopa auditors didn’t review a single ballot.)

SHOCKING EXCLUSIVE: Auditors Selected by Arizona Maricopa County Board of Supervisors Send Message to Observers: “F@#$ You”

The current audit in Arizona forensically scans the Maricopa County ballots using an ultra-violet method to look for creases in the paper and other items.  The team counts ballots and validates ballots forensically.  The machines are reviewed as well.

When they are done they will be able to tell a court – Here are the invalid ballots included in the election.  Here is the number of missing ballots or double counted ballots.  Here are the machines and the activities performed on those machines and here the reconciliations performed during the election that were in error.  Much, much more will be provided.

BIG NEWS: AZ Official Confirms Ultra-Violet Method Is Currently Being Used to Identify Creases and Watermarks on Ballots (VIDEO)

The type of audit does matter.  The Arizona Senate’s audit is looking at machines and ballots.  This is the best election audit ever performed in the US (and probably the world).  (btw – the author of this article has performed hundreds of audits around the world.)

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