Houston Man Praised by Fake News Media for Waiting Hours To Vote In Dem Primary — Is Arrested for Illegal Voting

More evidence of voter fraud.

Back on March 4th, 2020 the media praised 62-year-old Hervis Rogers who waited in line for 6 hours to vote.

The media tried to use the story to smear Republicans.

Back on March 4th, 2020, Houston Public Media reported: 

He gained national attention through his tenacity at a local polling place, refusing to leave even after others might have: Hervis Rogers was the last man to vote at his Texas Southern University polling place early Wednesday morning, and possibly the last person to cast a ballot in the State of Texas when he did so around 1 a.m.

Rogers, who works two jobs, arrived at the polls just before 7 p.m., and his roughly six-hour wait was tough, he said. But that didn’t stop him.

“It is insane, but it’s worth it,” Rogers said while waiting in line. “I mean, I wouldn’t feel right if I didn’t vote. I feel like it’s— I voice my opinion, but it don’t feel right if I don’t vote. So I said, ‘I’m going to take a stand and vote. It might make a difference.’”

When he finally got to TSU, Rogers said he had already been to two other packed locations nearby. He had work at 6 a.m. Wednesday, and thought about just turning around to go home, but something came over him, he said, and he decided to stick it out. More than five hours later, he still sat in line, patiently waiting to cast a ballot for Joe Biden.

Now, we have this.

Authorities are saying Hervis Rogers was not eligible to vote due to the fact he was on parole.

Back in 1995, Rogers was arrested and sentenced to 25 years in prison for burglary and intent to commit theft.

Your Erie reported:

A Houston man who received widespread attention after standing six hours in line to cast a ballot in the 2020 Democratic presidential primary was in jail Friday on charges that it was illegal for him to vote at all because he was on parole.

Hervis Rogers became an overnight face of Texas’ battle over voting access when he emerged from a polling center at a historically Black college around 1:30 a.m. He was among Houston voters on Super Tuesday who waited more than an hour — and some for several hours — in mostly minority, Democratic neighborhoods. Lines in mostly white, Republican neighborhoods were shorter.

“The way it was set up, it was like it was set up for me to walk away,” Rogers told reporters in comments carried by multiple news outlets, including The Associated Press.

He was arrested this week on two counts of illegal voting, a second-degree felony that carries a possible sentence of two to 20 years in prison. His bail was set at $100,000.

Liberals attacked Texas AG Paxton for the arrest.

He responded, “I prosecute voter fraud everywhere we find it!”:

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