JUST IN: 60% of People Being Admitted to Hospital with Covid-19 in England Have Been Fully Vaccinated (VIDEO) *Updated*

60% of people being admitted to the hospital with Covid-19 in England are fully vaccinated, Sky News reported.

According to Sir Patrick Vallance, the government’s chief scientific advisor, Covid patients have received two doses of the Covid vaccine.

“In terms of the number of people in hospital who’ve been double-vaccinated, we know it’s around 60% of the people being admitted to hospital with COVID,” Vallance said.

“We do expect there to be over 1,000 people per day being hospitalized with coronavirus because of the increase in infections,” he added. “But the rates should be lower than they have been previously because of the protective effects of vaccination.”

Vallance continued to defend the dangerous, ineffective and experimental Covid vaccines.

“They’re very, very effective, but not 100%, and as a higher proportion of the population is double-vaccinated, it’s inevitable that those 10% of that very large number remain at risk, and therefore will be amongst the people who both catch the infection and end up in hospital.”


Update: Now Sir Patrick Vallance is claiming he misspoke during Monday’s presser!

“Correcting a statistic I gave at the press conference today, 19 July. About 60% of hospitalisations from covid are not from double vaccinated people, rather 60% of hospitalisations from covid are currently from unvaccinated people.” Vallance said in a tweet.

Not sure how he misspoke after he went on a two minute detailed diatribe explaining why 60% of people being admitted to the hospital have been fully vaccinated.

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