Georgia’s Corrupt Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger Ignored Evidence, Attacked President Trump and Certified Fraudulent Election Results

Georgia’s results from a small sample of ballots in the state show massive fraud.  Yet Georgia’s Secretary of State claimed this was a legitimate election.

Here is a small sample of articles we published about Georgia’s corrupt Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger since the 2020 Election.

We noted in January that the implementation of software right before the 2020 Election went against election law in the state.

Dominion’s Trump-Hating Executive Eric Coomer Performed a Suspicious Update in Georgia a Week Before Early Voting Started

The auditors used to certify the election machines before the election likely were not certified at the time he claimed they were.

How Can the Government Agency Certifying Elections (the EAC) Maintain Its Independence When Its CIO Previously Worked for 10 Years for Dominion Voting Systems?

On Election night, Raffensperger and his attorney knew that ballots were being forced through ballot machines in Fulton County multiple times.

Fake News WaPo Caught Fabricating Trump Quote, Falsely Claimed Trump Urged Georgia Elections Investigator to ‘Find the Fraud’

Raffensperger’s actions against President Trump who held a call with Raffensperger where Trump presented the number of known issues with Georgia’s results, were reprehensible.

Fake News WaPo Caught Fabricating Trump Quote, Falsely Claimed Trump Urged Georgia Elections Investigator to ‘Find the Fraud’

Raffensperger announced an investigation of President Trump’s actions in Georgia knowing he himself lied about the call and attempted to destroy the evidence.

UPDATE: Four Months After the 2020 Election in Georgia, Over 400,000 Absentee Ballots are Missing Legally Required Chain of Custody Documentation, Yet Biden Was Given the State by 12,000 Votes

When an audit of ballots in Fulton County, Georgia was requested from the courts, Raffensperger tried to stop it.

Georgia Judge Announces He May Unseal Fulton County Absentee Ballots for Fraud Investigation and Review

Recently Raffensperger started a campaign against whistleblowers.

Radio Host John Fredericks: Raffensperger’s Office Tried to Intimidate Election Witness to Recant Her Statement on Alleged Fraudulent Ballots (VIDEO)

Raffensperger reportedly hid ballot tampering from a judge.

EXCLUSIVE: Garland Favorito Says Georgia Officials Including Raffensperger Concealed Ballot Tampering from Judge – “We Are Discussing What to Do With It” (AUDIO)

It’s no surprise that issues were found in Georgia.  It’s also no surprise that Raffensperger is trying to cover it up.  

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