“You’re a Piece of SH*T” – Former NYPD Chief Bernie Kerik Puts Georgia Secretary of State Raffensperger In His Place

Georgia Secretary of State attacks his own as the Fulton County election mess heats up in Georgia.  Unfortunately, everyone now knows he oversaw the mess.

Yesterday, eight months after the 2020 Election, FOX News’ Tucker Carlson finally woke up and realized there was fraud in Fulton County, Georgia.

FANTASTIC! Tucker Carlson Covers the Election Fraud in Fulton County Georgia 8 Months After Election — Here Are the Background Reports (VIDEO)

This was after President Trump responded to the news coming out of Fulton County yesterday on election fraud.

President Trump: News from Georgia “Beyond Incredible” – We Will Lose Our Country If this Is Allowed to Stand

This all comes after numerous issues were uncovered in Fulton County by the team of auditors with VoterGA.

UPDATE: More on the Suitcase Vote Scam, the Elections Supervisor and that Strange “Pass” Between Mother and Daughter That Was Also Caught on Video

Georgia Secretary of State, the corrupt Brad Raffensperger, owns the entire mess.  He refused to take President Trump’s advice and look into the fraud in his state and instead set up the President of the United States showing he was a part of the fraud in Georgia.

EXCLUSIVE: Garland Favorito Says Georgia Officials Including Raffensperger Concealed Ballot Tampering from Judge – “We Are Discussing What to Do With It” (AUDIO)

Today Raffensperger threw Fulton County Election workers, Rick Baron and Ralph Jones under the bus for the state’s corruption in Fulton County.  Unfortunately for him, former New York Police Commissioner called out Raffensperger for his actions in the election.

Georgia’s election in 2020 was a corrupt and criminal mess.  The people of Georgia should demand a full forensic audit of their state’s 2020 Election results.  All of America knows that Joe Biden did not win Georgia no matter what Raffensperger claims. 

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