EXCLUSIVE: Freedom Phone Inventor Erik Finman Speaks to TGP’s Alicia Powe at Launch Party – Now You Can Stop Big Tech From Tracking You!

Big Tech monopolies are generating a steady stream of cash by monetizing, selling and weaponizing our personal information every moment of every day.

Dangerous tech companies swindle users with free software and complicated user agreements into signing away their privacy for nothing.

While conservatives Americans are censored and shadow banned on social media platforms, the Biden Administration is now reportedly demanding tech companies spy on Americans’ text messages to “dispel misinformation” about COVID-19 and stop them.

Americans fed up with being surveilled or fear being spied on by the government no longer have to surrender their liberty and freedoms to dangerous tech corporations.

Now, you can ditch your iPhone for a Freedom Phone.

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Freedom Phones, the world’s first “free speech and privacy first” smartphones, ” give you control over your own data, Erik Finman, inventor of the Freedom Phone told The Gateway Pundit in an exclusive interview.

On Thursday the Freedom Phone had its launch party in Washington DC.  The Gateway Pundit’s Alicia Powe interviewed inventor Erik Finman at the event.

Erik Finman:  “People need hope right now because the war on free speech looks lost, although free speech is so in our core in America’s DNA. We can never let it go. What if Mark Zuckerberg censored MLK or Abraham Lincoln. What would the country have become? What would the world have become? To me, this is the whole playing yard.”

Conservatives who are censored on Twitter and Facebook resorted to Parler in 2020, until Parler was removed from the Google app store. That was the last draw for Finman.

The 22-year old Bitcoin millionaire, designed the smartphone to fight back against Big Tech companies and promote security.

“Trust AI assistant” in Freedom Phones function like a bodyguard for your security and privacy, preventing big tech or the government from data hacking.

“You see with the Biden administration they asked the phone companies to ban misinformation from people’s text messages, SMS messages. Now its pretty out in the open. All this misinformation can be defined as whatever in their eyes ,” Finman said. “If something is tracking you, a website or an app, the Trust AI assistant doesn’t ask or warn you that it’s tracking you, it stops it from tracking you. If you have an app that is tracking like Tik Tok, it silences the app from tracking you. Our main feature is the app store, get all the banned apps plus normal apps,”

Freedom Phones are preloaded with apps that are banned on Google.

“You can get banned apps on here. An uncensored version of Parler, Rumble, telegram, all your favorite apps – NewsMax, OAN, Parler. The default chat app is Signal and it’s the most secure,” he said. “They are going to ban the [conservative] social media apps from the apps store that’s inevitable.”

**  The Freedom Phone (use discount code TGP to get $50 off and benefit Gateway Pundit)!

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