Creepy Andrew Weissmann Slips Up and Inadvertently Shares that the Feds are Spying on Whoever They Want and Sharing Results within the DOJ

Crooked Andrew Weissmann was on far-left MSNBC to discuss the NSA’s spying of Tucker Carlson.

Weissmann oversaw and ran the sham Mueller investigation that harrassed President Trump for his entire term.  It’s likely he’s involved in the recent BS indictments of the Trump Organization and its CFO.  

Weissmann participated in numerous illegal actions while attempting to put a crime together on President Trump.  Weissmann was in on the Trump – Russia BS sham in mid-2016.  He obviously knew it was made up from the start.  He knew this the entire time he attacked the President using the taxpayers’ money and he didn’t give a damn what the people in American thought about the sham.  He was after Trump.

The sham was created by Hillary in response to the emails that her campaign knew were coming out in 2016.  Hillary had been involved in the sale of 25% of the US’s uranium to Russia.  In return, the Clinton Foundation received millions.

Hillary needed a Russia story on then-candidate Trump so she made one up.  It was all BS.  We all knew Putin wanted Hillary elected.  He could have whatever he wanted with her in charge.   He showed this by invading Crimea with no response from the US under Obama/Biden.

Even before President Trump stepped into the White House he was under attack by the Deep State.  When the BS Mueller investigation was formed on BS accusations and lies by James Comey and others, Weissmann was right there taking the lead in the investigation.  In a sense, he had to.  Mueller was old and senile and he couldn’t run a thing.

During their corrupt investigation text messages between two crooks on the Mueller gang, Strzok and Page, were found which showed the Mueller gang’s hatred of President Trump.  In response to this, Weissmann and his colleagues wiped clean over 31 phones and claimed this was a mistake in all cases at the same time.  This was a criminal act by all who participated but nothing was done.  What were they hiding?

NEW: DOJ Records Show Weissmann, Other Mueller Henchmen Claimed to Have “Accidentally Wiped” at Least 31 Phones Used in Russia Probe

Upon leaving the federal government, Weissmann worked on a book appropriately titled, ‘Where the Law Ends: Inside the Mueller Investigation’.

PERFECT: Creepy and Corrupt Mueller ‘Pitbull’ Andrew Weissmann Is Writing a Book Appropriately Entitled “Where Law Ends: Inside the Mueller Investigation”

Sundance at the Conservative Treehouse, reported yesterday on a recent Weissmann interview at MSNBC. Sundance notes that the NSA has no oversight.  Something that was created by the Obama regime.  Along with this, the data collected by the NSA, which many people claim was collected illegally on Americans, is supposedly segregated from the rest of the DOJ.  However, Weissmann slips up and shares that in essence, this data, is shared with the rest of the DOJ:

As the current story is told a whistleblower in the intelligence community told Tucker Carlson his communication was intercepted by the NSA.  By the NSA originating standard, the same standard they claim to uphold publicly, the NSA has a foreign intelligence mission; and their data collection is supposed to be in a silo related to foreign intelligence gathering.  If an American is picked up ‘incidentally‘ by the NSA collection, that information is supposed to remain inside that silo.

However, as you watch this MSNBC segment, notice how casually Andrew Weissmann says that Tucker Carlson should have gone to the DOJ (Main Justice) with any concerns about his communication being intercepted by the NSA.  Listen carefully to how Weissmann frames what Carlson “should have done” (prompted):

What conservative in their right mind would go to the DOJ for anything.  After the Trump Presidency, we know that the DOJ will take your question and wrap it into a BS crime just because you believe in the American dream and they don’t.  Who really is running our DOJ?

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