BIG NEWS: New “Freedom Phone” Goes Public Today – Running on FreedomOS It’s an Excellent Way for Conservatives to Fight Back Against Big Tech

The Gateway Pundit is thrilled to unveil a top-secret project that has Big Tech shaking in their Birkenstocks:

The Freedom Phone (use discount code TGP to get $50 off and benefit Gateway Pundit)!

Built by a bitcoin millionaire and tech genius, Erik Fineman, it’s got all the good things your current phone has — with no censorship!

It’s running the new FreedomOS — which means Apple and Google no longer control the phone.

It comes with an uncensorable App Store called PatriApp Store, so nobody can stop you from getting the Apps you want –Parler, Gab, OAN and many more are here!

Click here to get your Freedom Phone – and use discount code TGP to get $50 off

It’s tech specifications are:

– Octa-Core Processor

– 32 MP Rear Camera

– stunning rear & front facing cameras

– 6.3” HD Display

– 64GB memory with expandable storage

– USB-C Port

– 4150mAh high capacity battery

– Dual SIM card slots

Even better is the price: New iPhone 12s cost $699. Even a two-year-old iPhone 11s cost $599 — the Freedom Phone is less expensive!


Plus, you’ll get another $50 off when you use code TGP (Gateway Pundit benefits when you use that code).

Click here to get it at (use code TGP to get $50 off)!

The man behind the Freedom Phone is Erik Finman. He says:

“The decision to remove President Donald Trump from all social media platforms was both shocking and outrageous. However, it should have crystallized in the minds of his supporters just how powerful the Big Tech monopoly is.

By purchasing the Freedom Phone, freedom-loving Americans everywhere can help lead the fight against the Big Tech monopoly by incorporating a product into their lives that is designed for them rather than the demands of the ever-changing progressive orthodoxy.”

We are setting aside a huge cut from all of our profits, to go towards election integrity efforts so the results of our elections are never called into question again.”

Profits are going to election integrity, so you know it was built by true conservatives!

Click here to get your Freedom Phone before they sell out – use code TGP to get $50 off!

When you get your phone, all you need to do is move your SIM card from your current phone to your new Freedom Phone – it’s easy!

To get $50 off, look for the “Discount Code” box, put in TGP and click “apply.”

You’ll get $50 off!

You’ll get your discount and support freedom loving patriots and Gateway Pundit.

Hurry – we don’t know how long until these phones sell out.

Click here to get your Freedom Phone today!

Thank you!

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