All Big Cities Should Have Their 2020 Election Results Forensically Audited Now – Detroit, Milwaukee, Las Vegas, Minneapolis, St. Louis, Houston, Orlando, etc.

(Above map from Americans for Tax Reform website showing who controls state legislatures.)

Now is the time to perform full forensic audits of major cities around the country where voter fraud has been suspected of going on for ages.  There are numerous states with Republican-held legislatures where large cities have always provided questionable results always for the Democrats.

We know that Democrats won’t call for forensic audits, like the one done in the Phoenix area these past few months.  Democrats don’t want the truth as can be seen by their efforts to prevent forensic audits in any of the states they won.  [Being a former audit executive this is a clear sign of fraud.]  Instead, Democrats are trying to push through HR1 which will ensure Democrat wins for thousands of years as the corruption included in the 2020 audit will be codified.

HR1 must be stopped.

On the other hand, there are currently many big cities across the country where the results are always in question where Republicans hold the majority in the state legislatures. St Louis, for example, should be forensically reviewed for fraud.  The state legislature is in Republican hands and St Louis is known for questionable results.

The New York Times reported on the Senate race in 2006 where late night ballots reported in St. Louis and Kansas City gave McCaskill the win.  Many Republicans thought the Democrats stole the election after finding out how many votes were needed to beat Talent.

Preliminary results from rural precincts showed Mr. Talent with a sizable lead over Ms. McCaskill. But the first groans were emitted in the Talent camp at a Hilton Hotel in suburban Frontenac around 11 p.m., when a campaign official announced that largely Democratic urban centers of Kansas City and St. Louis had not yet reported their votes, which portended bad things for the Republicans.

Local elections are also concerning when radical Soros-backed candidates like Kim Gardner win the District Attorney position in St Louis.

Corrupt St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner Survives Primary Challenge After Soros Drops Six-Figure Check to Save her Campaign

Republicans have given up on auditing big cities and instead accept the results from these cities.  We saw this year what a horrible position that is.  Every ballot in every precinct should be valid and every citizen should know that this is the case.  How many garbage votes have been counted in these big cities?  How many times are these results invalid due to corruption?

Now is the time to clean up voting processes across the country.  Democrats should but can’t be trusted and don’t care to do full forensic audits across the nation.  Republicans should perform full forensic audits to ensure free and fair elections take place.

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