AZ State Senator Kelly Townsend At Senate Hearing: “IT’S A COME TO JESUS MOMENT – I Wouldn’t Want To Cooperate Either”

Leftist Journalists Breakdown as 74,000 Ballot Discrepancy Is Announced

Today, The Arizona Senate held a hearing with audit officials and revealed some bombshell findings including over 74 THOUSAND mail-in ballots that have no evidence they were even mailed to a voter, and MORE.

The very revealing hearing showed that computer systems could have been hacked, possibly confirmed “Sharpiegate”, reemphasized chain of custody issues, and called for new subpoenas for information withheld by Maricopa County. 

The Gateway Pundit’s Jordan Conradson spoke with Arizona State Senator Kelly Townsend after the meeting to get her thoughts on the County’s utter failure.

Conradson: we heard of the failures by Maricopa County and their election department. Missing chain of custody, missing documentation of mail in ballots, duplicated serial numbers on three or more ballots, it’s insane. Can you tell us a little bit about the terrible job done by Maricopa County?

Townsend: Okay, well it’s a come to Jesus moment. They’re accusing cyber ninjas of not being credible, and you know this information that’s going to come out, I’ll be very interested to see what their reaction is. But if they’re not credible, then come forward with this information and prove them wrong. But instead they have done nothing but obstruct, deny, distract and mock us, so the county supervisors and Adrian Fontes and his team, what we heard today we learned, and we’re not surprised that it was an absolute failure. And it answers the question as to why they are obstructing if I were them, I wouldn’t want the public to know this information we learned today either. So, two choices. Either come forward and help us put all of this to rest and not on Twitter, and not on Facebook or other places but let’s sit down in an actual meeting and work through this like professionals. And if you can’t do that, then I’m calling on all of you to resign as county supervisors, and to the public, please. Adrian Fontes is running for secretary of state, and if you see the information that we learned today, under his watch, what does that mean for the future of Arizona? So, either it wasn’t true what we learned today and you need to come forward and prove us wrong, by working with us in a professional way or resign, one or the other.

Conradson: If Maricopa County officials continue to try to cover up the big lie. What do you foresee will happen to them in the future?

Townsend: Well I see indictments in their future if we are able to establish this if we go forward in court. I see, perhaps the public coming forward and doing recalls, and at the very least, I don’t see them ever winning another election again. It’s very sad, we didn’t have to go through it in this manner, even if none of that was true today, the way that they handled today was a Twitter feed, that’s their response to the Arizona State Senate is replying to us on Twitter. And that is not appropriate. That is not a functioning government that is high school. So bring it up a notch, several notches and come sit with us and cooperate, provide the facts. Show us why you don’t have logs for these early ballots being mailed out but not requested. Show us why you removed the 10s of 1000s of people who registered to vote, voted and then remove them. Show us, show us why you didn’t follow the law, and put the serial numbers matching the duplicated ballots with each other, why you took the stamp and put it over the black mark so you can’t see the serial number. Show us why you did that, explain to us why you broke the law. You know, and then throughout this whole entire meeting, I kept talking to my colleagues saying, “we had a bill to fix this”, and “we had a bill to fix this issue”, I had number of bills that would have fixed a lot of these issues the chain of custody, the duplicated ballots, the bleed through of the permanent markers on the other side, you know, many of these bills and we had our own colleagues in the Senate that fought us to try and fix these issues in particular the chairwoman of the government committee, Michelle Ugenti Rita, who is also running for secretary of state needs to explain why she killed good election security bills. It’s frustrating, it’s frustrating seeing people in our own party, and people on the other party, Just, just blatantly ignore the law, blatantly killed good election bills blatantly just act like high school children, and actually make a mockery of our election system. What little confidence that Arizonans had in the election system after watching this today must be non existent. So we have a lot of work to do. We need to fix this, and we need to hold those accountable who broke the law, ignore the law, you know, things like checking signatures to match on the voter registration you need to check twelve points on that signature with one on file, and they just went down to ten points, and they went to eight, then the four and then to zero. That’s what was claimed today. Come forward county supervisors and explain to us, Adrian Fontes if that’s not true, prove it. So, these things are unacceptable, unacceptable and criminal.

Conradson: That’s right in Maricopa County, they came back with a stupid tweet, tweeting out some algebra equation talking about how you need to follow the order of operations to get the correct answer. My response to that is two plus two equals four, you add up the totals, you get the total number of ballots. Besides that, why do you think it is that they didn’t just cooperate from the beginning, and show the Arizona Senate, the correct order of operations for counting the ballots?

Townsend: If you knew that this was going to come out today, the information that we learned today. If I were them, I wouldn’t cooperate either because this is shameful. This is illegal. This is something that should have them indicted if true, because ultimately the county supervisors are responsible, they did sign and certify, anyone who signed and certified this election is responsible. So, come to the table. Don’t put out a tweet, come to the table and prove us wrong.

they’re too afraid to come to the table. Maricopa County officials know they screwed up.

The County had every opportunity to perform this audit with the Senate and protect themselves by protecting our vote.

Now, they will be held responsible for their noncompliance and obstruction of justice.

The final report will be EARTH-SHATTERING.



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Jordan Conradson is TGP’s Arizona correspondent. Jordan has played a critical role in exposing fraud and corruption in the State’s elections and elected officials. His reporting on election crimes in Arizona led to the resignation of one Maricopa County official, and he was later banned from the Maricopa County press room. However, TGP and Jordan gained access after suing Maricopa County, the fourth largest county in America.

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