Socialist E-Girl Shows Off her $2,000,000 New Furnished Apartment, ‘Tax The Rich Means Billionaires’ (WATCH)

In a video posted to a YouTube account, a Twitch streamer famed for her social media postings supporting Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders and displaying “TAX THE RICH” apparel showed off her fully furnished $2,000,000 apartment.

Nicole Sanchez, also known as “Neekolul,” is well known for her TikTok video “OK Boomer,” in which she dances and lip syncs dressed wearing a Sanders campaign cropped t-shirt. Sanchez recently video herself doing a similar dance while wearing a “TAX THE RICH” shirt from Alexandria Ocasio-campaign Cortez’s in New York.

Sanchez gives an in-depth tour of her new residence, which she claims cost $2 million, in her latest video.

“All I’m doing is standing by the beliefs I started off with, and I’m here. Whether I’m making this money or not, I just feel like it’s not something to be rude about. Because there’s nothing to be rude about. I think when people mean like, ‘Tax the rich,’ I think at the end of the day they do mean, like, billionaires and people who have insane, unfathomable amounts of wealth.”  Sanchez said.

Sanchez begins her tour of the apartment by showcasing her kitchen, which has a wine fridge and a Nespresso machine, despite the fact that she “doesn’t drink coffee.”

Sanchez resumes her tour of the apartment’s “East Side,” which features the living room, laundry room, and her own bedroom, after the kitchen tour. According to the video, the apartment also has a bedroom and gaming space for her brother.

Sanchez wraps up the tour by revealing a second bathroom as well as her streaming area, where she creates material for her YouTube videos.

According to Dexerto, Sanchez makes money via her Twitch account, which is largely used for video game broadcasting and where she has worked with Esports company 100 Thieves.

Watch Rich Socialist Shows Off $2 Million Home Below:


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