There Were Nearly Eight Times More Apprehensions at the Southern Border in May 2021 Than In May 2020

The Biden/Obama border crisis is a horrible mess.  There are nearly eight times as many illegal immigrants apprehended at the border in May 2021 as were apprehended in May 2020.

American Military News reported today on the crisis at the border:

It was a familiar scene. Newly released data show that migrants were stopped 180,034 times across the southern border last month — nearly eight times the total during May 2020 and among the highest monthly totals in recent years.

That brought total apprehensions for the year to 711,784, nearly five times the total during the same period last year…

The recent increase in crossings has come at a tragic price: Between October and the end of April, at least 148 migrants died along the border, according to U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

In the Rio Grande Valley, where there were 50,793 apprehensions last month — up from 3,698 in May  2020 —  Border Patrol agents respond to about one fatality a week.

These numbers in the Rio Grande Valley are shocking, at nearly 14 times the number of apprehensions from last year.

The Biden Administration is encouraging migration from Central and South America.  Their reason is still unknown.  Does the current administration want to increase voters and put more people on the dole and increase the already overblown government budgets in these areas?  It even looks like the administration is wanting to push drugs into the US and use the crisis to traffic human beings.

The current administration is doing all it can to destroy the United States.  They’re spending like drunken thieves and adding migrants way over the annual limit set for migrants by leaving the border open.  Inflation is at 40-year highs and unemployment is high with no tools in the government’s bag of tricks to stop the economic train from coming down the tracks.

This country hasn’t been so vulnerable since the Civil War.

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