National Treasure Matt Walsh Launches GoFundMe to Help AOC’s Grandma, Since Her Rich Granddaughter Won’t

Rock star conservative commentator Matt Walsh has launched a hilarious fundraiser to help the grandmother of Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez after the wealthy socialist blamed former President Donald Trump for her abuela’s poor living conditions.

As Walsh has pointed out, Ocasio-Cortez has a brand new Tesla, which averages about a $500 payment per month. Yet, conservatives are the ones stepping up to help her get some roof repairs, raising over $25,000 in just two hours.

“Shameful that you live in luxury while allowing your own grandmother to suffer in these squalid conditions,” Walsh tweeted in response to the photos.

This reply set the congresswoman off.

“You don’t even have a concept for the role that 1st-gen, first-born daughters play in their families,” AOC tweeted in response. “My abuela is okay. But instead of only caring for mine & letting others suffer, I’m calling attention to the systemic injustices you seem totally fine w/ in having a US colony.”

Since the socialist is probably low on the funds to help her family after paying the rent in her luxury DC apartment, and the payments for her fancy vehicle, Walsh stepped up to help.

“On June 2nd, Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez reported to Twitter that her dear abuela has fallen ill and continues to live in squalid conditions since her home was ravaged by Hurricane María. One cannot be certain of the cost to repair grandma’s house, but surely most of the work could be completed for the price of AOC’s shiny Tesla Model 3,” Walsh wrote in the fundraiser’s description.

Walsh added, “virtue-signaling isn’t going to fix abuela’s roof. So we are. Let’s all kick in to help save AOC’s abuela’s ancestral home. Any amount is appreciated, but the cost of a monthly lease payment on that Tesla is around $499…”

“All proceeds will be donated to abuela, if she will accept them,” he wrote.

The Daily Wire commentator had raised over $26,863 by 2:45 p.m. EST on Friday — including his own $499 contribution.


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